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Health & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

At DALKAN we provide appropriate gloves, boots, uniforms, respirators, hardhats, and other protective equipment to all workers and we make sure that proper use of such equipment is done in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines.

Onsite / Offsite Medical and Emergency Facilities

For onsite medical emergency we have first aid equipment, eye-wash, showers and we have trained skilled staff to do first aid onsite. For critical emergency we have contracted doctors who operates near to our ship recycling unit.

For any major emergency hospitals are available near to our ship recycling unit. Also Alang ship recycling association has its ICU on road ambulance which can shift the patients to multispecialty or government hospital in an hour with primary treatment on road.

Lifting Equipment

To minimize injury & accidents while lifting & shifting the materials we have installed 2 cranes & other lifting equipment as per green ship recycling guidelines, we have set up strict lifting guideline that more than 50 kilograms should be lifted by mechanical lifting equipment only.

Training and Communications

DALKAN is an OHSAS certified unit and we arrange training programs for its implementation and Interactive safety and health training. All the workers are trained for precautionary measures and safety guidelines in local language. The display board are also put up for their continues observation.

Ships Recycled by Dalkan Ship Recyling Pvt. Ltd.