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Environment Management

As green ship recyclers we are well aware of our commitments towards environment, our green ship recycling facilities will, in their entirety to, "create, implement, document, and maintain an ISO 18001 Environmental Management System.

We are committed to protect all the natural and man-made resources available during ship recycling by...

  • Regular air quality monitoring
  • Regular water quality monitoring
  • Regular soil quality monitoring
  • Asbestos abatement and air monitoring in that area
  • Availability of oil spill booms
  • Growing more trees in and around ship recycling yard
  • Optimizing fuel consumption in winches and cranes
  • Monitoring and control of water consumption on the yard
  • Optimizing and control of CNG, LPG, Oxygen & acetylene gas in ship recycling
  • Slow and gradual plan to lay concrete / blocks on the yard to control ground contamination
  • Take all the efforts at any cost to avoid any accident in yard

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