Developed in conjunction with

Core Values

Strategic Planning

  • Link long-term plan or competitive strategy with operational activities
  • For employees health & safety
  • For minimize environmental impacts
  • For reduce variability
  • For sediment routine management
  • For market expansion


  • We are professionals in everything that we do
  • We set and adhere to high working standards and constantly strive to create value for the company
  • We strive to achieve outstanding results with efficient resources utilization

Customer Focus

We believe that the quality of our product and the service we provide play a significant role in our customer’s success, which in turn is the key to our success. Therefore we will be our customer’s preferred supplier by providing unmatched quality, service, value and ease of conducting business. We will actively seek out and exceed our customer’s needs and constantly strive to redefine their expectations.

Ships Recycled by Dalkan Ship Recyling Pvt. Ltd.